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Divorce is usually a complicated and extended legal process that requires much effort, nerves, and expenses from spouses. Online divorce in Indiana can be an affordable way of marriage dissolution. Preparing divorce documents online will save you from mistakes in the paperwork, extra costs, and delays in the divorce process. Choosing divorce online in Indiana, you get:

Step-by-step filing instructions

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Filing for dissolution of marriage with the help of an online divorce service, you can get a cheap divorce in Indiana. We will prepare all the necessary forms for a reasonable fee in a few days and provide detailed instructions on how to apply for divorce step by step. If you and your spouse have agreed on all issues regarding property, child custody, alimony, etc., and have no claims against each other, we will gladly help you with the documents for your Indiana online divorce.

Grounds for Divorce in Indiana

A marriage in Indiana can be dissolved based on fault or no-fault reasons. In a no-fault divorce, spouses do not accuse each other of the marriage breakup. Ground for a no-fault divorce in Indiana is an irretrievable breakdown of marital relationships.

Fault divorces differ in that one spouse blames the other for wrongdoing that led to the marriage dissolution. Legal grounds for divorce in Indiana, in this case, can be:

Whatever the reason for the fault divorce is, it will be necessary for a petitioner to prove it during the divorce process.

Divorce Papers in Indiana: What Forms Do You Need to File

If you wonder how to get divorce papers in Indiana online , the answer is to order them from an affordable and convenient divorce service. With our help, you will quickly receive a complete package of cheap divorce papers necessary for your online divorce application. The list of Indiana divorce papers will depend on whether you have children and are willing to waive the final hearing. Mandatory divorce papers in Indiana that you should prepare are:

This form confirms that you agree that the court can decide on the case and you should abide by its laws and decisions.

It is a mandatory document of any online divorce paperwork that includes information about the completion date, the divorcing parties, the reasons for the divorce, other divorce terms, etc.

This form is used to notify the other spouse that the divorce proceedings have started

This form requests the court for a hearing date when the divorce will be finalized.

The document is necessary to inform your spouse of the hearing date.

Please mind that the list is not exhaustive; it will depend on your individual divorce case.

If you have agreed with the other party on the property division and custody of children, you can file for a summary dissolution. Such a divorce has a simplified procedure where you waive a final hearing. In this case, you will need to add to your papers for divorce a written Waiver of Final Hearing and a Statement that there are no disputed issues or a written and signed Settlement Agreement.

If you have minor children, you may also need to prepare the following divorce forms in Indiana online if you still have not reached an agreement on child-related and other matters:

  • Notice of Provisional Hearing is used to notify the other party of a hearing where issues of child custody, child support, parenting, etc., will be resolved.
  • Temporary Order contains details of temporary arrangements between spouses on housing, property, children, etc., before the case is finalized.

Besides, you may need additional forms on child custody and child support calculations.

After you get your Indiana divorce forms online, sign them if required. Before filing, you should also make copies of these documents to send to the other spouse. Papers must be filled out without errors; otherwise, they will not be accepted in court. When submitting the forms, be ready to cover a court filing fee.

Compare your options for filing for divorce in Indiana

Divorce with an Attorney

It is common for spouses to hire lawyers to represent their interests in court. Though convenient, this option has some drawbacks to consider.

Online Indiana Divorce Service

A simple and convenient tool for getting your divorce papers and filing for divorce without a lawyer.

Do-it-yourself Divorce

The cheapest but not the most effective way to file for divorce without involving online services or a lawyer.

How to Fill out Indiana Divorce Papers

If you are interested in whether you can file for online divorce in Indiana, the answer is “yes,” especially if your case is uncontested and you plan to use the online document preparation service. With its help, you don’t need to worry about which documents you require for filing for divorce in Indiana online and where you can get them. It is enough to complete the questionnaire and get acquainted with the basic rules of how to file for divorce in Indiana online.

While getting a divorce in Indiana online, follow these rules on the paperwork preparation:

  1. If you complete the paperwork yourself, check legal requirements as to what documents are needed for your case. Fill them out carefully, avoiding mistakes. If there are typos in the documents, the forms are outdated, or wrong information is provided, the court will not accept them. Getting a divorce packet online is a smart option for easy divorce filing without any stress.
  2. Before submitting the documents, make sure to prepare copies of each form; usually, 2-3 copies are required; however, each court may have some slightly different rules, so it is better to clarify in advance how many copies to make.
  3. You need to file the documents with the court clerk’s office. They must be signed and notarized. When submitting documents to the court, pay the court fee. Currently, it is around $180.
  4. If you would like to file for divorce in Indiana online, check if this option is available in your county; for online filing, you should have documents in PDF format, if otherwise is not specified on the e-filing website.

How to File for Divorce in Indiana Without a Lawyer

Divorces in Indiana can be contested or uncontested, depending on whether you and the other party agree on all marriage termination issues, such as child custody or property division. A contested divorce typically requires long litigation and can last up to a year or more. Filing for divorce in Indiana without a lawyer, in this case, can be stressful and really expensive due to high lawyer fees.

If you consider divorce without an attorney, you and your spouse should come to an agreement on your own not to complicate the process. To make your divorce uncontested, negotiate with the other party on:

  • marital property division
  • distribution of debts, if any
  • alimony payments
  • custody of children
  • child support and visitation.

If it is difficult to agree, spouses may resort to mediation. It can be a way of resolving disputes if you are interested in how to file for divorce in Indiana without an attorney. This service involves neutral parties known as mediators to facilitate the negotiation process. Their task is to listen to the parties and help them overcome disagreements and find potential ways out of disputes.

Starting an uncontested dissolution of marriage is the easiest way to file for divorce without a lawyer in Indiana if you and your spouse have no accusations regarding the breakdown of marital relations and are in agreement. An uncontested divorce in Indiana usually ends after the first court hearing, where the judge reviews the divorce documents, asks a few questions, and decides on the divorce case based on the agreement you reached with your spouse.

More information on how to get divorced without an attorney step by step is presented below.

Do-it-Yourself Divorce in Indiana

Do-it-yourself divorce in Indiana is the cheapest way to end a marriage. When acting independently without involving a lawyer and filing divorce papers yourself, you need to follow certain steps to cope with the process efficiently.

  1. Check compliance with residency requirements.

One or both spouses must reside in the state for at least half a year before initiating the divorce. You should apply in the county where you have lived for 3 months.

  1. Determine the reason and type of divorce.

You can get a divorce because of an irretrievable breakdown if you do not blame your spouse for the failure of marital relations. If you file for a fault divorce, grounds for it can be imprisonment, impotence, or incurable insanity. However, if you wonder, “Can I file for divorce myself,” it is better to apply for an uncontested no-fault divorce; otherwise, a lawyer’s representation may be necessary.

  1. Prepare forms and file them.

You can obtain divorce forms from the court clerk’s office or by contacting a reliable document preparation service. The list of forms to prepare will depend on the type of divorce, the presence of property to divide, minor children, etc. If you choose an online service for document preparation, you will also get detailed instructions on how to file for divorce by yourself.

  1. Serve your spouse.

You can do it with the help of the sheriff, process server, certified mail, or publication in the newspaper. If the other party agrees to waive service, they must file a Verified Waiver of Service of Process and Acknowledgment of Receipt of Petition and Summons.

  1. Wait till the mandatory waiting period ends.

Its duration is 60 days from filing the divorce petition. After it is over, you can contact the court clerk and schedule a date for the final divorce hearing.

  1. Attend a hearing and receive a divorce decree.

Uncontested divorces usually require only one hearing where you will receive a divorce decree.

DIY divorce in Indiana demands attentiveness and concentration from spouses. If you would like to save money on an attorney’s representation but do not want to cope with the complicated paperwork on your own, it is wise to contact our online divorce service. We will ensure that the forms you get are court-approved, specific to your case, and filled out according to legal requirements. Besides, you will receive detailed instructions on how to file your own divorce.


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To dissolve a marriage in Indiana, you should prepare the necessary forms and file them with the court. Next, serve the other spouse and wait for the end of the mandatory waiting period. After that, you can schedule a court hearing and get your divorce finalized.

There is no requirement to live separately before filing for divorce, but there is a 60-day waiting period after filing the petition. It is impossible to get divorced before this period is over.

To file for divorce without a lawyer, you must independently check compliance with residency requirements and prepare forms for filing. It is best to agree with the other party on property division and custody to file for an uncontested divorce. After filing, you must wait until the 60-day period expires and then schedule a final hearing.

If a spouse is pregnant, the court will likely not finalize the case before the child is born.

It is worth starting the divorce process by checking if you meet the residency requirements and collecting and filling out the necessary forms. The easiest way to deal with the paperwork is to use an online document preparation service that provides the necessary forms and clear instructions on how to initiate the divorce process in your case.