Free printable divorce papers in Indiana: Everything you need to know

It is a well-known fact that divorce can be a long, stressful, and often quite expensive process. On average, couples in Indiana spend up to $20,000 to end their marriage. It’s no surprise that many divorcing spouses are looking for cheaper ways to obtain a marriage dissolution and alternatives to a lawyer’s legal help, like downloading free divorce papers and filling them out on their own. In fact, you can find free divorce papers online and complete them on your own if your case is uncontested, meaning that you don’t have any disputes with your spouse and can file without a lawyer. For example, some of the free printable divorce papers in Indiana can be found on Indiana legal help website. If you have decided to file for a do-it-yourself dissolution, you will find useful information about free divorce papers in Indiana in this article. Disclaimer: Please note that filing for a DIY divorce and filling out free divorce forms on your own may potentially lead to the undesirable outcomes of your marriage dissolution. Also, this article does not contain any legal advice, and the information here is provided only for informational purposes. It is advisable to consult with a lawyer or work with an online divorce provider before filing your forms and proceeding with the other marriage dissolution steps

Printable divorce papers in Indiana (no children)

If you want to obtain a divorce without a lawyer and reduce the costs even more by dealing with the paperwork completely on your own, you can download free divorce papers online and fill them out according to the short instructions provided in these documents. There are dozens of printable divorce papers in Indiana that one may need to file for their case. The task of a petitioner is to determine what free divorce papers they need to find and fill out. However, as a rule, most petitioners are required to collect the following divorce papers in Indiana in pdf:

Verified Petition for Dissolution of Marriage

A divorce petition is the initial form you file with the court to begin your case. In this document, you have to provide basic information about yourself and your spouse, the details of your marriage, whether you have any property, assets, or debts you must divide, as well as whether you need any provisional orders.


Summons is a paper that must be served to your spouse along with the Petition. Most Indiana counties have their own version of this document, so you will need to research what this form looks like in your county. Your spouse will be notified that you have initiated a case and receive subsequent instructions.

Certificate of Service

This is one more mandatory document you will need to download among other free Indiana divorce papers/forms. As soon as you file your initial paperwork, you will have to send the copies to your spouse. They will have 21 days to respond, and then you should provide the court with the Certificate as proof that service was performed. In this document, you should indicate the names of the parties, the date of service, and who delivered the papers and in what way.

Settlement Agreement and Decree of Dissolution of Marriage

This is one more necessary form you will need to download when searching for free Indiana divorce papers online. It includes all the decisions concerning your marriage that you have made and recorded in your Settlement Agreement.

Printable divorce forms in Indiana for Cases with Children

When a couple has children, the case may become more complicated. Spouses will have to search for additional child-related free divorce forms online. As a rule, spouses with minor kids need to find the following free Indiana divorce forms online:

Child Custody and Visitation Agreement

In this form, parents will determine who will be a custodian and who will have non-custodial parent rights. A non-custodial parent will have the right to visit their child, and the time and frequency of these visits must be agreed upon and recorded in this document.

Parenting Plan

Parenting Plan is one more important document among other common divorce printable forms that couples with children should prepare. This extensive form includes many details concerning custody over a child and how both parents will handle any issues arising. In the form, spouses will have to agree on the type of custody, outline the amount of time the child will spend with both parents, where the kid will reside and study, etc.

Marital Settlement Agreement (Minor Children)

This form includes the same information as the Agreement with no children. However, it should also specify the details concerning child custody and support. Parents must indicate information on the number of children they have, their names, weeks and dates of visitation, etc.

Child Support Worksheet

Finally, if you look for free divorce forms in Indiana for cases with kids, you will also find a Child Support Worksheet. This paper outlines the financial obligation of both spouses towards their kids. It must be filled out and signed by both parents.

Lastly, even though it is not a mandatory condition in Indiana, some courts may order divorcing spouses to complete the parenting classes before proceeding with their marriage dissolution. It is advisable to find out whether it is compulsory in your county because you may also need to download and fill out Parenting Class Completion Certificate as a part of your packet of free divorce forms.

Overall, it is difficult to estimate the exact number of free printable divorce forms in Indiana you will have to file for your divorce with children. If you have no time to look for all the free Indiana divorce papers/forms and fill them out, consider getting help from a professional online divorce service that will provide you with all the needed printable divorce forms in Indiana.