How much does a divorce cost in Indiana?

Divorce is a complicated legal process that often brings a lot of worry and stress, especially considering the fact it can be pretty expensive.

In Indiana, the average divorce costs around $10,000, with the prices varying based on the circumstances of the case:

  • Complexity increases the divorce costs in Indiana; the number of contested divorce issues directly correlates with the additional hours required for an attorney to work on the case.
  • The divorce costs rise if legal representation is needed; the lion’s share of the total price is the attorney fees, while filing fees usually do not exceed several hundred dollars.
  • If the case involves children, it usually increases the cost of divorce in Indiana due to the need to involve third-party experts when determining visitation and child support.

Below, you can check more detailed information on how much a divorce costs in Indiana, the main factors influencing a divorce price, and possible options to reduce expenses.

Average Cost of a Divorce in Indiana

If spouses are in agreement, file for an uncontested divorce, and deal with the divorce process without legal help, the cost of divorce in Indiana can range from $200 to $1,000. The price will greatly depend on what option for preparing divorce papers a couple chooses.

However, if the process is more complicated and involves disputes on the divorce terms, such as custody or alimony, the divorce cost in Indiana may be anywhere between $2,000 to $20,000 on average.

To determine the exact divorce price, it’s crucial to find out the typical expenses involved. The total cost to file for divorce in Indiana can differ based on several factors, such as

    • Type of divorce – contested or uncontested/simple divorce;
    • The complexity of the case – the number of contested divorce issues involved;
    • Presence of additional factors – e.g., child custody disputes, property division, etc.

In Indiana, the divorce cost is relatively lower compared to some other states. According to data by 24/7 Wall St., the average cost of a divorce in Indiana per person, including court and lawyer fees, is $9,157, making it the 16th lowest among all states. However, if children are involved, each person’s payment increases to $12,000 approximately.


Cost of Uncontested Divorce in Indiana

The cost of uncontested divorce in Indiana typically falls between $500 and $3,000 depending on whether spouses deal with the paperwork on their own, hire an attorney, or contact online divorce services for help.

Uncontested divorces in Indiana, where both spouses agree on all divorce issues and terms, tend to be more affordable than contested ones. In such cases, spouses can represent themselves in court without a lawyer, significantly reducing the overall expenses. Some of the aspects affecting the divorce price are specified below:

    • If spouses choose to hire an attorney to handle the legal paperwork, the average divorce cost will be approximately several thousand dollars depending on the amount of time a lawyer will need to collect information and fill out all papers. Also, the price may vary based on the lawyer’s location and experience.
    • If a couple wants to avoid high expenses but does not wish to complete all papers on their own, they usually order divorce forms online. It is a relatively cheap and convenient option, and spouses can reduce overall divorce expenses to $500 approximately, with filing fees included.
    • When submitting divorce papers to the court, a petitioner should also cover filing fees, which are currently around $180, and additional costs, such as serving the divorce papers, which adds another $28 to the overall amount.

Cost of Contested Divorce in Indiana

The cost of contested divorce in Indiana may start at $2,000 and easily reach $20,000, with an average cost of approximately $10,000. Contested divorces, when partners cannot agree on important matters like child support and property division, are expensive due to the involvement of attorneys and lengthy court proceedings.

The factors affecting the divorce cost include:

  • Attorney fees
  • The complexity of the property division process
  • Involvement of other third-party experts
  • Involvement of children and related divorce issues – child custody, support, visitation, etc.

Attorney fees, which often constitute a significant portion of the total divorce cost, can vary greatly depending on the attorney’s experience, reputation, and hourly rates. Besides, if spouses want to avoid contested proceedings, they may try to agree using mediation or arbitration services, which come at an additional fee.

Court filing fees and other expenses, such as hiring process servers to deliver papers to the other spouse, also contribute to the overall cost.

Over the years, the cost of contested divorces in Indiana has shown a trend of increasing, with factors such as inflation, changes in legal procedures, and evolving complexities in divorce cases contributing to price rises.

Average Fees for a Divorce Lawyer in Indiana

Attorneys typically charge between $150 and $500 or more per hour for their services, and the duration of the divorce process can greatly affect the final divorce cost in Indiana.
The average fees for a divorce lawyer in Indiana can vary depending on several factors:

• The complexity of the divorce case

• Experience of an attorney chosen

• Their location of practice

• Their expertise, rating, and reputation

On average, people pay attorney fees of around $2,000 to $15,000 for legal representation. Prices mainly depend on the specific details of your case, the number of divorce issues to resolve, and the time your lawyer will need to finalize your divorce.

Many attorneys offer flexible payment options, such as sliding scales or payment plans, to assist clients who may face financial difficulties in covering the cost of divorce in Indiana upfront. However, you must be ready to pay at least a portion of the amount before starting your cooperation.

Average Filing Fees in Indiana

The average filing fees in Indiana for divorce cases typically range from around $150 to $200, depending on the county where you are going to file. For example, in Clark County, the divorce fees are $177.

There may be additional expenses, such as for making copies of documents. A petitioner should also pay a service fee which is around $30, if they would like a process server to deliver papers to the respondent.

It’s important to contact the specific county courthouse to determine the exact price applicable to your case.

Factors that affect the cost of an Indiana divorce

Several factors affect the cost of an Indiana divorce. Let’s discuss them in detail:

    • Complexity of the Case. The complexity of the divorce issues involved in the process, such as child custody disputes or high-value asset division, can significantly impact the final price. Complicated cases require more time and expertise from an attorney, resulting in higher fees.
    • Type of Attorney Chosen. If you hire an attorney who practices in a big city, has many years of experience, and has a good reputation due to many successful cases completed, be ready to pay several thousand dollars and more for their representation during a divorce.

    • Length of Proceedings. Prolonged cases entail additional court appearances, negotiations, and paperwork. Continual engagements with the court and lengthy court battles increase divorce prices.

    • Involvement of Additional Professionals. The need to hire additional experts, such as financial analysts, child custody evaluators, mediators, arbitrators, or appraisers, greatly raises the overall divorce costs.

    • Investigation of the Ex-Spouse. If there are suspicions of financial misconduct or asset concealment, the attorney may attempt to uncover such assets through the discovery process, involving the collection of financial statements and potentially hiring investigators.

    • Process Server Costs. Each time a petitioner needs documents to be served to the spouse, they should pay service fees. Though the process server fees are not that high in the state, they still impact the divorce price.

    • Cooperation Between Spouses. If a couple is willing to negotiate all divorce issues and come to an agreement, they can easily reduce all the expenses mentioned above and file for an uncontested do-it-yourself divorce. If they prepare papers on their own, the divorce expenses can include only court fees. If spouses turn to online services that help with document preparation, online divorce costs can be around $500.


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